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Google Nest for your Smart Home

Google Nest for your Smart Home

With new innovations at our fingertips, that not only make life more convenient, but also lead to cost savings, it seems like a no brainer to implement smart products, such as the Google Nest. To get a better idea on how the Google Nest works for a Smart Home, you must look at what you need within your home and what the product provides. Here is a breakdown on how the Google Nest can support your Smart Home:
  • Google Mesh WIFI System: This system gives you the opportunity to help you build a stronger and faster signal to every area of your home. With many people working from home and students participating in virtual models of learning, this is crucial!
  • Smart Speakers: With the help of Google Assistant, the Google Smart Speakers give you the control for hands free home automation. Here are a few items google can provide: Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Google Home Max. Listen to music, ask questions, stream the news, look up a recipe...the options are endless!
  • Security: From Doorbell Camera to Smart Cameras through the house. Google Smart Home has you covered! Some great products they provide are the Nest Hello Doorbell Camera, Nest Cam Indoor & Outdoor, and also the Nest IQ Camera Products. Feel safe, secure and have peace of mind.
  • Thermostats: The Google Nest Thermostats will definitely make your life easier with temperature control and cost savings. With options such as the Nest Learning and Nest Thermostat E, you can see major cost savings in your Hydro bill!

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