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Ansul 6 L K Class Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

by Ansul
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Ansul 6 L K Class Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher - K-ONE

Choose ANSUL K-GUARD as your preferred restaurant fire extinguisher and meet NFPA 10 solid fuel cooking requirements for a firebox size of 5 ft3 or less. This upgraded 2-A rating also means compliance with NFPA 10 fire extinguisher size and placement for Class A Hazards which means you can protect the kitchen area without additional extinguishers needed. Newer, more efficient cooking appliances, plus the use of non-saturated cooking oils, require a fire extinguishing agent that will not only smother a fire but also provide a cooling effect.

Rated for Class K fires, K-GUARD Fire Extinguishers are designed specifically to fight some of the toughest fires—hot grease, cooking oil and fat fires in the kitchens and food-prep areas of restaurants, convenience stores, food courts, hospitals, school cafeterias and other facilities. Typical appliances that benefit from K-GUARD protection include fryers, griddles, ranges, broilers, char-broilers, woks and more.

K-GUARD extinguishers contain ANSULEX Low pH  Liquid Fire Suppressant, a specially formulated, aqueous solution. In addition to knocking down the flame and forming a vapor-securing blanket, ANSULEX agent provides a cooling effect that aids in extinguishment and securement of hot cooking fuels. (ANSUL Low pH agent is used in both the K-GUARD extinguishers and R-102 restaurant fire suppression systems.)


  • ULC Listed
  • Easy -to-service (internal spring) valve
  • Squeeze grip with positive on/off operation
  • Clear anodized aluminum valve
  • Units supplied with wall hanging bracket
  • Heavy-duty running board bracket available for 10-30 lbs. units (sold separately)
  • Six-year limited warranty


UL Model No.: 434909
ULC Model No.: 439654
UL Rating: 2AK
ULC Rating: 2AK
Range: 10 FT
Discharge Time: 45 SEC
Standard Bracket: WALL
Optional Brackets: YES

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