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Amerex 5 lb Multi-Purpose ABC Fire Extinguisher with Wall Hanger - B500X

by Amerex
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Amerex 5 lb Multi-Purpose ABC Fire Extinguisher with Wall Hanger - 3A:10B:C - Model B500X

Never compromise on quality when safeguarding lives and property! Established in 1971, Amerex stands as the world's largest and most innovative manufacturer of hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers.

The top-rated Amerex 5 lb Multi-Purpose ABC Fire Extinguisher - B500X, a best selling and trusted product since its creation, ensures superior protection against Class A, B, and C fires.

Widely employed in residential and commercial settings, this high-quality extinguisher is a reliable choice for comprehensive fire safety.


Recommended Application:

Ensure the safety of lives and property with the Amerex 5 lbs. ABC Fire Extinguisher, which comes equipped with a Wall Hanger for added convenience.

The Amerex Fire Extinguisher - Model B500X 5 lb. is a dry chemical fire extinguisher boasting an ABC rating, proficiently combatting fires involving:

  • Class A: Fires involving ordinary materials like cloth, paper, wood
  • Class B: Fires involving flammable liquids and gases
  • Class C: Fires involving live electrical equipment

Designed for reliability in transportation, healthcare, education, and light industrial environments, this Amerex Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguisher ensures lasting performance and usage.



  • Robust Construction: Equipped with an aluminum valve, featuring a light-to-medium-duty anodized aluminum valve body, along with an anodized aluminum handle and lever.

  • Long-Lasting Design: Crafted for lasting durability, the extinguisher boasts a robust high-gloss polyester powder paint and an all-metal valve construction.

  • Effective Fire Insulation: Utilizes fluidized and siliconized mono ammonium phosphate dry chemical that helps insulate Class A fires by melting at approximately 350°F. It coats the applied surface, smothers, and interrupts the chain reaction of Class B fires, making it non-conductive to electricity to ensure safety for the operator.



✓ Amerex 5 lb Multi-Purpose ABC Fire Extinguisher B500X
    ✓ Wall Hanger (Model 888)
      ✓ Bilingual Labels (EN / FR)

      ✓ Product Manual


      Optional Brackets:


      Amerex Bracket Reference Sheet




      5 pounds


      ABC Dry Chemical

      Discharge Time

      14 seconds


      12-18 ft

      UL Rating


      ULC Rating 3A:10B:C

      Size & Weight:


      15.25 inches


      7.25 inches


      4 inches

      Shipping Weight

      9.25 lbs

      Valve Type

      Anodized Aluminum

      Product Catalog, Safety Data Sheet & Parts Book:

      Download the Amerex 5 lb Multi-Purpose ABC Fire Extinguisher - B500X Product Catalog, Safety Data Sheet & Parts Book

      Customer Reviews

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      High quality & absolutely essential for any home

      I purchased one of these Extinguishers for my home (I keep it in my kitchen). It's a quality product, and I can rest easy knowing it's there just in case (I hope I don't have to use it). It's better to be safe than sorry. Thank you SPP for a fair price, and fast shipping.