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Amerex 5 lb Multi-Purpose ABC Fire Extinguisher with Wall Hanger - B402X

by Amerex
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Amerex 5 lb Multi-Purpose ABC Fire Extinguisher with Wall Hanger - 3A:40B:C - Model B402X

Ensure the safety of people and property with the premium Amerex 5 lb ABC Fire Extinguisher B402TX - with a Wall Hanger included.

Since 1971, Amerex has grown to become the world's largest and most innovative manufacturer globally of hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers.

Renowned for its superior quality, the top-rated Amerex 5 lb Multi-Purpose ABC Fire Extinguisher is a best-selling and trusted solution for protecting property from Class A, B, and C fires. Utilized extensively in both residential and commercial settings, this extinguisher provides dependable fire protection.

Recommended Application:

Prepare for fire safety with the Amerex 5 lb Multi-Purpose ABC Fire Extinguisher B402X, complete with a Wall Hanger. Safeguard people and property with this best-selling extinguisher that is simple and economical to maintain and service.

The Amerex Model B402X, with an ABC rating and UL/ULC rating of 3A:40B:C, effectively combats against:

  • Class A: fires involving wood, paper, fabrics, plastics
  • Class B: gasoline, oils, paints, tar
  • Class C: live electrical equipment

This durable and rechargeable extinguisher is suitable for residential use, and commercial settings - including hospitals, restaurants, offices, and light industrial environments.



  • Premium Materials & Durability: This extinguisher features an aluminum valve accompanied by a light-to-medium-duty anodized aluminum valve body, as well as an aluminum handle and lever. Its longevity is ensured by the durable high gloss polyester powder paint and the all-metal valve construction.

  • User-Friendly Design: Clear and straightforward instructions and graphics that illustrate the P.A.S.S. technique (pull, aim, spray, sweep), ensure simplicity and ease of use.

  • Effective Fire Suppression: ABC Extinguishers provide chemical insulation for Class A fires by melting at around 350°F, coating the applied surface. They also smother and interrupt the chain reaction of Class B fires while ensuring no conductivity of electricity back to the operator.


    What's Included:

    ✓ Amerex 5 lb Multi-Purpose ABC Fire Extinguisher B402X

    ✓ Wall Hanger

    ✓ Bilingual Labels (EN / FR)

    ✓ Product Manual

    Optional Brackets:


    Amerex Bracket Reference Sheet




    5 pounds


    ABC Dry Chemical

    Discharge Time

    14 seconds


    12-18 ft

    UL and ULC Rating



    Size & Weight:


    15.25 inches


    7.25 inches


    4.25 inches

    Shipping Weight

    9.25 lbs

    Valve Type

    Anodized Aluminum

    Product Catalog, Safety Data Sheet & Parts Book:

    Download the Amerex 5 lb Multi-Purpose ABC Fire Extinguisher - B402X Product Catalog, Safety Data Sheet & Parts Book


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